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Jackson Pool Surfaces is a one-stop-shop solution for your pool’s plastering needs to your pool renovation needs...

Jackson Pool Surfaces is a one-stop shop solution for your pool’s plastering needsA pool’s interior finish is what gives the water its character and appeal. But aside from the aesthetic benefits, the right pool plaster effectively protects against the harsh conditions and elements that your swimming pool is regularly exposed to pH, chemicals, alkaline, calcium hardness, and others.

We recommend that you regularly check your pool finish for any signs of structural damage like cracks and crevices, as well as signs of wear and tear, or smears and stains. Over the years, your pool plaster will inevitably run into one of these problems.

Fortunately, fixing those problems is our specialty.

Jackson Pool Surfaces specializes in installing and replacing pool plaster, combining our technical skills with years of experience of doing pool plasterwork for hundreds of highly satisfied clients.

We’re deeply committed to providing the best possible solution for our clients, so much so that we’ve invested in a couple of very expensive Hydro-blasting units for their better efficiency, speed, and superior results compared to traditional methods.

Aside from providing a better bonding surface, this process helps preserve the integrity of your pool’s structure because it doesn’t cause any micro-fractures or damage to the pool shell as with other methods.

We take pride in the quality of our work and the value we provide to our clients. If you need to resurface or replaster your swimming pool and are living in Kansas City or in the Midwest area, please give us a call at (816) 623-0009. Our experienced staff of pool professionals will be happy to assist with all your questions or concerns and even provide you with a free estimate for your needs.

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